WARNING: Do not read if you don’t care about boring anxiousness

Do you ever see no end to it all? I want to, knock on wood, become a psychotherapist one day. This is my dream career, working with troubled people and earning enough to take the occasional trip to China, South America, Australia, USA etc. I want to be a nice “shrink”, one that helps you solve your problems without assuming you were fiddled with as a kid, or that you envy your dad’s family jewels. One that helps you understand that it’ll all be ok.

I need to finish this year, then I will need to find a job for a few years, then after that try and get into a masters which have high requirements (and I doubt I will fill those grade levels) which will be years of more studying, then I will eventually be qualified? But what then? I just see nothing concrete in my future.

I just wish I could live in a soft fuzzy cave, have lots of films shown on the ceiling, and just lay there next to Gavin. Just watching film after film after film. Occasionally I will turn to my side and make out with my boyfriend, and sometimes he will just stroke my back and tell me it’ll all be ok. And we will live on popcorn, candy, salt liqorice, cream soda, milk, chips with peppercorn sauce and meatballs.

Can that be my life please?

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