On a happier note: I found a recipe for sausage cake in my swedish cook book and my friend promised to eat it if i made it for his birthday. Let’s just say I didn’t follow the recipe..one bit.
Recipe for Frida’s Glorious Sausage Cake

  • one donut (preferably chocolate frosted, but other flavours acceptable)
  • one frankfurter from a jar
  • 1/2 jar of baby lasagna (or preferred baby food variety, my friend loves lasagna)
  • one birthday candle

Place a dobble of baby food in the middle of the plate, and some forming a large circle on the outskirts of the plate. Cut half of frankfurter off and eat, or throw away (recommended). Place donut on the plate so that dobble of baby food is smack in the middle. Place halved frankfurter in the middle of the donut, pressing it into the baby food for stability. Top off with a lit candle and a joyful yet sinister “Happy Birthday”. Watch your friend struggle.
I’m terrible and disgusting I know, but it was rather funny at the time.

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