Mustard and ketchup

I got a top from ebay delivered a few days ago. It’s got a peter pan collar (♥) and a print of what I thought were little squares but which turned out to be bowler hats (♥♥♥)! I was very pleasantly suprised, and wore my bowler hat with pride. In my room. Please, my housemates are all sports-junky, PS3-playing, beer-guzzling boys. Lovely as they are they just wouldn’t understand!

I did however keep my awesome helper-mouse brooch on. I finally figured out what the handle underneath was for when I saw an episode of Mad Men. It’s for hanging glasses on! Clever ey? But as the weather is cold, dark and depressing I will not be needing sunglasses, so helper-mouse can carry a little bow for now. I can tell by the glimt in his emerald green gem eye that he is fine and dandy with it.

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