Heart to Heart

I finally got to speak to Gavin on msn this morning after about a week of texts and lonely nights. (He’s on a year abroad in France teaching English). It was a much needed bit of medicine for a achey heart. So i was looking through my files and here are some of my favorite photos of us from a while back.
The cat noses are from the first night we properly spoke, we stayed up until like 4 am just talking. I reckon I will get told off for the next one, since it’s my beret, but I love it. We’d been together for just a short while so kisses were all fluttery and nervous. The last one is more recent, from the top of the Eiffel tower. We spent the day alone, walking around hidden markets and dreaming of how it would be to live in France. I miss him very much, but am happy he is doing something that makes him happy.
(The first two photos are from the loverly lelove blog. I’m using the first one as my background since it is so so good.)


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  1. Gavin says: Reply

    Love you, my soppy little Swede. That hat looks damn good/gay on me.

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