Lots of spots

It’s been a while since I last posted. I blame lots of time spent soaking up the last of my time with my boyfriend before he moves to France for a year – oh, l’humanité (oh the humanity..probably not the proper translation but I took Spanish in HS, so my French is lacking). I will miss him muchly, but have truly enjoyed spending time with him in Sweden, London, Brighton and in Horsham as well. Any Muse fans which would for some odd reason would happen to stumble across my page and read this far might recognize him as one of the lucky winners that were allowed to pre-listen to the new Muse album, and review it for the official muse website. Proud girlfriend!

To bring this back to the point of this blog – frivolous clothes, whimsical pictures and other pretty things – here is a topshop knitted dress I purchased whilst in London, along with my boyfriend’s leopard ears. (Don’t worry, he’s not worn them out. I think he found them in his room at uni.. ) I love leopard print, I adore peter pan collars, and atleast 10% of the day I think I am a cat. Although a recent twilight obsession (oh shush, until you read it you won’t understand) I now hiss more vampire-esque.

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