Summer Ball Nostalgia

  1. Pre-rain hair, very “12 year old whom recieved a curler for christmas”
  2. Only picture of my dress where you can sort of see what it looked like, ignore the evils I was giving my friend for..dancing..better than me? (£6, tailored, 2nd hand!)
  3. Fool who when asked where the jaegermeister bar was said we could buy a flower band for £1. We wanted shots silly!
  4. Towards the end of the night piggybacks where needed for poor boys wearing uncomfy shoes – wait what?
  5. Guess what band played (our uni newspaper managed to forget to get an interview..)
  6. Gavin says this picture defines me, I’m on the octopus and I look ridiculously mischievous!
  7. Octopus ride
  8. Kisses in the queue

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