Art show recap

The art show yesterday went really good. It was really empty, but it’s not that well publisized, so that was why barely anyone showed up. The best bit about it was just getting the responses from people who sold there. They were all really friendly, and were all trying to live off of their art which was really humbling for someone who just has it as a “hobby”. Their art was amazing though so they could all go far. I ended up buying 3 postcards from Zoë Darnell, and snagged a free postcard off of final year art student Pete Montford. I did sell one piece, to the boss actually. It was the butterfly piece “The Viceroy”. I figured it would sell, and he actually ended up paying more than I was asking for which was really cool.

I’m going to have my pieces out next week, but I will personally be in Sweden. Hopefully someone is interested and I come back to some money, but we’ll see. Either way I have set up an etsy account where I will soon start selling prints and hopefully some originals. But now it is back to work as I revise for my last exam. It’s about decision making, yet I keep making the wrong ones. Rather than revise I find myself full of ideas for paintings, with no time. Hence this little effort sketch painted with mini-paint set. I kinda like it and hate it at the same time.

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