Amazing how too much sometimes actually works when most times it fails massively…
Still wouldn’t work on anyone but Iekeliene though. She adds the right hippie vibe.
I cut my hair today, completely ruining MY hippie vibe. My long dry hair is now short but healthy. Well it’s normal length but I hate it. Simply because it’s about the 5th time in a row that they just do what they feel like and don’t give me what I ask for. This is the 3rd time they have not given me the bangs I’ve asked for, the first time I wanted Freja-esque hair (when it was long) but I was just told no. And he cut it boringly. And then the last two times they just didn’t give me a fringe. I am now sporting the “Rachel”. Ugh. It’ll grow..
(photos The Facehunter)

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