One year later..

It’s been over a year since I last wrote on my blog. A year of a million different experiences.

I have passed my first year of university despite at times not seeing it possible. I’ve found the boy I always dreamed of, lost him and got him back. I’ve dressed up in tons of different outfits, be they fancy dress or just normal (if you can call some of them that) every day outfts. I’ve begun to master ebay, which has now become one of my greatest vices. I have found a house, housemates, hopefully friends for life. I have painted new faces, seen new places, taken new photos, learnt new words, crafted new things.

Lots of things are the same but even more have changed. I’ve decided to give this blog another try, because sometimes I just feel like I have things to say that my friends wouldn’t care about or understand. Such as my current love for polkadots and ribbons. I’ve been making bows to wear like feminine bowties and hairslides. I’ll take some photos and show what I’ve made lately and see if this blogging thing works again. I’m unemployed at the moment after just quitting my job as a door to door saleswoman. Don’t try it people, you actually get to memorize lines and learn to be a proffessional pushy asshole.

My latest painting, a future hippie of some sort

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