Whores in the Lavatory

So one tuesday I was told that there was a skiva(graduation party) that I had to go to. On wednesday. On wednesday I was told it was a theme party with moulin rouge as the theme. We decided that massive glitter amounts and corsette tops were required to pull off luxury french whore.

Fishnets were essential for a night with a Moulin Rouge theme

note the schmexy bandaid with
“lilleskutt” on it. new shoes
come with blisters :(

Picking outfits for the night was going to be hard. surely this corsette-bra thingy was good enough?? It even had these 2 rhinestones. only two! in this particularly random place.

Outside the bathroom we found this young gentleman waiting for his girlfriend and sporting the man purse look. well it was technically her purse…but the truth is never any fun

What ended up happening was that we pretty much locked us in the bathroom for like an hour( after the dinner), drinking hidden beers like we were 14 again and spilling our hearts out between cheesy pictures and posing.

I found an earing and was super pleased. finders keepers loser, that rhinestone is mine now!

The faces come from our total church laughter – the (at the time) hilarious kind that is totally inappropriate. It was inappropriate because tons of people actually needed to use the facilities which we were occupying.

We are so hot. seriously beers affects us that easily (but we did have two glasses of wine and some jager before..but still)

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