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  • Umeå Art Trip

    Glass sculpture Grön Eld (Fire in Green) meets you when you arrive by train I recently went on a long weekend trip to Umeå, a town in the north east coast of Sweden. In 2014 it was named Culture Capital of Europe and I know several people (including mamma noodle) who have attended Umeå University. When Greg […]

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  • Queen Burger.

     I had to dedicate an entire post to this glorious tiny little burger joint in Warsaw. Queen Burger was a place near our hotel that we had passed and made a mental note of on New Year’s Eve. We ended up eating there the following day after our long park walk and this charming little […]

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  • Warsaw

    Castle Square with Sigismund’s Column in centre and Royal Castle to the right For New Year’s this year a group of us decided to go to Warsaw, Poland. I hadn’t planned on going at first, seeing as I wasn’t working many hours and post-Christmas is that miserable time where you are forced to stretch your budget […]

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  • Museum Madames

    While in Sweden I visited Nordiska Museet, which had a show on about 300 years of fashion. The actual fashion exhibition was alright, but I felt they didn’t go into enough depth, and show enough variety for each of the decades/centuries covered. We ended up wandering around, looking at most of the other shows too. […]

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  • Back in Town

    I’m back from the best week ever! Paris was amazing, all the cherry trees were blossoming and I got lots of cool vintage pieces to add to my overfull closet. The best part was spending an entire week with just Gavin, getting the quality time we need after a year of him teaching abroad. Tomorrow […]

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  • Londontown

    Yesterday the wonderful Gavin swept me away to London for a small We are Scientists gig followed by a 5 star hotel in Chelsea. Needless to say it was all epic. The pillows in that bed were huge and the best I have ever slept on. There were also two tv’s, wall to wall, incase […]

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  • Sushi Sushi Sushi

    One evening we finally ordered sushi that we had been lusting for that entire week. Gavin nervously dialed and perfectly delivered the French order. Somehow he was still suprised that it arrived when it did! It was delicious though, my favorites were the salmon rolls. I love the seaweed! Growing up in China you could […]

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  • Red and Blue

    Some more Nantes coming right up. Here is me on the nicest day (a preview of the spring weather we’ve been having here lately) in one of my favorite vintage finds. It was originally about 4 sizes too big and long, but that was easily trimmed and hemmed off. I am also wearing my new […]

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  • Four.

    Doves in a tree, a garden, and a boyfriend next to a tree nearly as tall and lanky as himself. I liked that day. Much nicer and calmer than today. We sat on a bench and kissed for a bit. Just sat there and watched everything breathe. I noted that the branches on the tree […]