• Halloween


    I am a true sucker for Halloween and have been longing for the chance to dress up. It was two years ago that I reached peak-crafting capacity with my Up house (check it out, if only to chuckle at my bottle-blonde hair).  We didn’t get the opportunity to dress up last year, but frankly I needed the […]

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  • Wild Mushroom Pot Stickers

    wild mushroom pot stickers

    Autumn means one thing; mushroom season, and I’ve got an exciting recipe for wild mushrooms that I want to share with you! I come from a family of foragers, so it’s not unusual that I get something crazed in my eye during this time of year. Imagine plenty of walks in the woods searching manically along […]

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  • Love is Love

    Pride Festival Stockholm 2015

    The horrendous act of violence committed in Orlando towards has resonated throughout the world. It seems impossible, in this day and age, so unreal in its cruelty and the sheer number of victims. The target of the killings somehow shatters our rose-tinted view of the world. We thought we were over this shit. A dark veil […]

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  • Birthday Weekend

    & other stories metallic shoes

    I turned the ripe ol’ age of 27 exactly one month ago today, and the best present was that my London-based best bud and her boyfriend came for a weekend trip! I felt like a happy 5-year old for most of the day which is exactly how one should feel on their birthday. Here is a […]

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  • Stockholm Vintagemässa

    vintage shoes silver cream vintage suitcase

    On the 30th of April Stockholm’s vintage fair is kicking off again. I went last year but never shared the photos (I blame having too much fun) But, this way you can know what to expect if you are planning to go!  I went with Linnéa, a fellow vintage aficionado and my Mr. Miyagi when it comes to knitting. […]

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  • A few days of April

    painting of blonde with green eyes

    It’s been a while since my last post, and I’ve been keeping busy and travelling quite a bit. Now that it’s spring I’ve settled into ordinary life again, and hope to share some of my trips with you soon. In Stockholm the sun has been shining and I’ve been taking advantage of that to every […]

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  • Homemade Pretzels

    table of pretzels

    Every time I go to Germany, I seek out one thing; Pretzels! I love their chewy texture and salted exterior, and they are so pleasing to the eye. I thought I would try making my own having felt cravings ever since my last visit in Summer and not going back to Berlin until Easter. My […]

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  • Sun Halo

    sun halo stockholm

    On my way to work the other day, the sun was shining a bit unusually. I stopped and took a few snaps, and walking along the bridge (away from the approaching bus I was going to take) I discovered there was actually a halo around the sun. I carry my DSLR around sometimes, so I […]