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  • Spotty for Yayoi Kusama

    I first discovered Yayoi Kusana way back in high school. She had an exhibit which filled Stockholm with spots, sparking a life-long interest in her unusual art. Studying psychology at the time, it felt extra poignant to see this artist using her mental health issues to create. For anyone who has not heard of her, Yayoi […]

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  • Artist – Sarah Benning

    sarah k benning embroidery

    I am in love with the work of Sarah Benning. She is a fiber artist living in Spain, who produces bright and cheery house loop embroidery mainly featuring the humble house plants. I would happily have one of these in my bookshelf, or a few in a cluster on the wall like Sarah herself has!  Normally I […]

  • DIY
  • Magical Violet Syrup Recipe

    violet syrup

    It’s the time of the year when violets start popping up. Normally disregarded as a common weed, these vibrant purple flowers are pretty incredible. Their scent is unmistakable and while it may divide people’s tastes, I’m a huge fan. Last April I discovered the abundance of violets in our garden, and set out picking in order to […]

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  • The Fashion of Gustav Klimt

    emilie flöge with klimt painting

    Gustav Klimt is an artist who’s work has always been very inspirational to me. The patterns, textures and graphic shapes in the paintings perfectly accompany his soft portraits. You can imagine my delight in discovering that the clothing that played such an part of his paintings actually existed! I’ll give you a quick re cap of the story […]

  • Inspiration
  • Field of Lupins

    In June the fields of Sweden turned purple. The lupins had arrived, strong and proud, standing tall like they had always been there. Not that anyone would dare question them. I admired them through the glass as we  passed them, driving down thin roads bruised with their purple and blue blossoms.  Finally one night, as […]

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  • Summer Sun

    Finally, it has arrived. The summer sun. Along with it the pieces of this great season start falling into place. Warm rays activating distant freckles. A lightness in my step. Flowers stretching for life. Ice cream drops on gravel.  Cotton or Silk today? The sticky smell of sun lotion. Sand between toes. Dusty Plimsolls. Grass […]

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  • Film Club – 5

    The Double Always a fan of unusual films starring great actors in odd worlds, I knew I would be a great fan of The Double. Based on a Dostoyevsky novel, but set in some parrallel universe/dystopian future where no one seems to care about anything, people are just numbers and work is everything. Simon works at […]

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  • Vote Audrey..& Other Stories

    & Other Stories is my favorite store…if you couldn’t tell by the multitude of posts dedicated to this amazing brand! The thing that pulls me in is their incredibly creative and fun attitude to fashion. It’s Scandinavian minimalism with pops of bright colour, clever prints and  interesting shapes, mouth-watering beauty products and ridiculously cute lingerie. […]