• Halloween


    I am a true sucker for Halloween and have been longing for the chance to dress up. It was two years ago that I reached peak-crafting capacity with my Up house (check it out, if only to chuckle at my bottle-blonde hair).  We didn’t get the opportunity to dress up last year, but frankly I needed the […]

  • DIY
  • Spring Trend – Blue Eyeshadow

    brown eyes light subtle blue eyeshadow

    Once the girls of Chanel’s spring 2016 collection marched out as pastel bandits it had been decided. Blue eyeshadow is back, and there is no getting round it. You may have already heard several complaints about this trend. It’s understandable. It is a tricky thing to pull off a colour mostly seen in children’s play makeup-sets. […]

  • Art
  • Artist – Sarah Benning

    sarah k benning embroidery

    I am in love with the work of Sarah Benning. She is a fiber artist living in Spain, who produces bright and cheery house loop embroidery mainly featuring the humble house plants. I would happily have one of these in my bookshelf, or a few in a cluster on the wall like Sarah herself has!  Normally I […]

  • DIY
  • Magical Violet Syrup Recipe

    violet syrup

    It’s the time of the year when violets start popping up. Normally disregarded as a common weed, these vibrant purple flowers are pretty incredible. Their scent is unmistakable and while it may divide people’s tastes, I’m a huge fan. Last April I discovered the abundance of violets in our garden, and set out picking in order to […]

  • Art
  • DIY – Mini Drawing Tutorial

    how to draw a reindeer

    Learning to draw can be a long process, and it is something most people have to practise to be able to do well. I thought I would give you a little insight into how I draw when using a photo reference. Normally I draw portraits, however I wanted to show how the process works when […]

  • DIY
  • Tea Tin DIY Ideas

    Sarah Johnsons DIY succulent planter tea tins

    I have spent the past year working in a tea shop, a shop that is very peculiar, old-fashioned and full of great inspiration. There are things to look at in every nook and cranny at The Tea Centre of Stockholm, but one thing that captures most visitors’ attention is the vast collection of different tins […]

  • DIY
  • Knitting & Yarn Haul

    I joined a knitting site called Ravelry (fridanoodle there too), mainly for finding free patterns but I am getting hooked. Raverly works like a forum where you can connect with other knitters/designers, as well as share your work and ask questions. I have been knitting a lot more in the recent months and felt like it […]