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  • Spotty for Yayoi Kusama

    I first discovered Yayoi Kusana way back in high school. She had an exhibit which filled Stockholm with spots, sparking a life-long interest in her unusual art. Studying psychology at the time, it felt extra poignant to see this artist using her mental health issues to create. For anyone who has not heard of her, Yayoi […]

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  • Artist – Sarah Benning

    sarah k benning embroidery

    I am in love with the work of Sarah Benning. She is a fiber artist living in Spain, who produces bright and cheery house loop embroidery mainly featuring the humble house plants. I would happily have one of these in my bookshelf, or a few in a cluster on the wall like Sarah herself has!  Normally I […]

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  • A few days of April

    painting of blonde with green eyes

    It’s been a while since my last post, and I’ve been keeping busy and travelling quite a bit. Now that it’s spring I’ve settled into ordinary life again, and hope to share some of my trips with you soon. In Stockholm the sun has been shining and I’ve been taking advantage of that to every […]

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  • DIY – Mini Drawing Tutorial

    how to draw a reindeer

    Learning to draw can be a long process, and it is something most people have to practise to be able to do well. I thought I would give you a little insight into how I draw when using a photo reference. Normally I draw portraits, however I wanted to show how the process works when […]

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  • The Fashion of Gustav Klimt

    emilie flöge with klimt painting

    Gustav Klimt is an artist who’s work has always been very inspirational to me. The patterns, textures and graphic shapes in the paintings perfectly accompany his soft portraits. You can imagine my delight in discovering that the clothing that played such an part of his paintings actually existed! I’ll give you a quick re cap of the story […]

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  • The Colour Orange

    I have not worn orange for about 10 years. I’m not sure exactly why as my wardrobe is bursting with a rainbow of shades. Orange has just never been that interesting to me. As a hair colour, on the other hand, I have always been a bit obsessed (Hi red-headed friends who read this, I […]

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  • Reflective murals by Hula

    Sean Yoro  Just spotted these amazing murals created by an artist who calls himself Hula (Sean Yoro). He painted these wonderful portraits in quarries, while floating on a surfboard. Such a seemingly relaxing way of creating fantastic art. You can just feel how in the zone he must be while making these beautifully realistic portraits.  […]

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  • Umeå Art Trip

    Glass sculpture Grön Eld (Fire in Green) meets you when you arrive by train I recently went on a long weekend trip to Umeå, a town in the north east coast of Sweden. In 2014 it was named Culture Capital of Europe and I know several people (including mamma noodle) who have attended Umeå University. When Greg […]

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  • Valentine’s Day

    Autumn It was a Saturday afternoon. We had been walking along the canal in Djurgården, talking about his recent travelling, the oddly warm start to winter, and my seemingly endless job hunt. Everything really but the thing that was playing on both our minds since that Thursday when we finally admitted to ourselves that we […]