• Style
  • Spring Denim

    Spring is here and I have the jeans to prove it! I have rummaged around various thrift stores searching for the perfect light denim to wear with plimsols, loose tees and freckles in the warmer weather. All I seem to find has either been of the mom-jeans variety (which I have been known to rock […]

  • Art
  • Untitled

    Hello again. So today I got round to taking some photos of things I’ve made and bought recently. I was a bit bad today and after taking my loverly boyfriends to the station I walked around and felt sad so I bought two things to cheer myself up with..even though I am dirt poor at […]

  • DIY
  • Untitled

    This weekend i’ve made some stuff and taken stupid wannabe model pictures, all to avoid doing actual work for exams. I am screwing not only myself, but my future self :/ But it’s ok, cuz I made this super cute bag out of this fabric I got from a second hand store. it turned out […]

  • Life
  • Welcome to this place

    I’m Frida and this is my “blog”. Yes this is a blog, get over it. I like fashion, shiney things and collecting stuff I don’t need. This will be on this blog. Well mainly outfits, rants, model-worshiping, possibly some art and lots of stupid and awesome purchases. (mainly stupid though) Well any hoo today I […]