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  • A few days of April

    painting of blonde with green eyes

    It’s been a while since my last post, and I’ve been keeping busy and travelling quite a bit. Now that it’s spring I’ve settled into ordinary life again, and hope to share some of my trips with you soon. In Stockholm the sun has been shining and I’ve been taking advantage of that to every […]

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  • The Fashion of Gustav Klimt

    emilie flöge with klimt painting

    Gustav Klimt is an artist who’s work has always been very inspirational to me. The patterns, textures and graphic shapes in the paintings perfectly accompany his soft portraits. You can imagine my delight in discovering that the clothing that played such an part of his paintings actually existed! I’ll give you a quick re cap of the story […]

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  • Valentine’s Day

    Autumn It was a Saturday afternoon. We had been walking along the canal in Djurgården, talking about his recent travelling, the oddly warm start to winter, and my seemingly endless job hunt. Everything really but the thing that was playing on both our minds since that Thursday when we finally admitted to ourselves that we […]

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  • Sugarcoat it

    Photos by very talented photographer Emily Blincoe. See her website here and follow her on instagram @thuglifeforevs I’ve been sick and stuck at home for too many days so this is my life at the moment; various sugarcoated and colorful substances. Sugar cures all evils, there is evidence for that in that science that one person did that one […]

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  • Martine Johanna

    I just re-discovered an artist I found a few years ago on BOOOOOOOM (never know quite how many O’s Mr. Hamada has in his website name) and found myself once more mesmerised by her work, especially her new stuff. Martine Johanna is a Dutch contemporary artist with a past in fashion design, and who’s work often features […]

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  • Don’t Stop!

    An amazing stop-motion film by Ithyle Griffith and Angela Kohler, featuring Alison Sudol. I love the ocean bit, and the part where the hair becomes a tree. It makes me think of a painting I did a while ago (see picture), but now I want to do another one! I can’t wait for next week […]