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  • Somebody app

    Miranda July, filmmaker and general interesting lady-creature, has created a new messaging app called Somebody. I won’t even bother explaining what it does, just watch the video and learn.  I want this to spread and be a thing. Like yesterday. The fact that she has worked together with Miu Miu doesn’t help. It’s only available […]

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  • Spring Colours

    Last month I bought an early birthday present for myself. It’s a perfect Miu Miu inspired tan leather bag that fits all the various things I like to lug around with me. I managed to lose my perfect gold clasped purse during my Birthday celebrations. Typical me to be so clumsy, but at least I […]

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  • You, miu miu

    You, miu miu, originally uploaded by balloons and bowties. Stayed up late to complete the painting last night. It was worth it, turned out better than I expected. Doesn’t look exactly like Mikaela Söderström, but artistic priviliges (and lack of technical skill but shhh) means I can interpret it anyway I want! I’m thinking of […]