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  • Peek

    Here’s a little peek at what I’m planning to wear for Gavin’s birthday party next weekend. Looking forward to seeing some old friends I haven’t seen in a while! Also looking forward to trying to make my hair as big and 60s as I can muster. Considering that I have very fine Scandinavian hairs, it […]

  • Life
  • Hairy

    Many times I wish my hair was a bit more fun. I keep trying to cut it to get those perfectly side swept thick bangs I see everywhere. But my hair doesn’t do that. I get one bit of hair hanging down in my face while the rest usually ends up behind my ear. Sometimes […]

  • Art
  • Laura Laine

    is one of my favorite illustrators! Here is a follow up from my previous post on my new top from H&M, which features the girl in the first picture. These are some of my favorite illustrations from her website. I think you should all get the top by the way, as it is very comfortable, […]

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  • Fur-iend

    I got a hair cut today (trim with long side fringe) and I didn’t hate it, which is rare. So I got the girl’s name, and found out what days she is available so I can stop my phobia for hairdressers! Also, I wanted to show my hat that I got from Marks and Sparks […]