• Halloween


    I am a true sucker for Halloween and have been longing for the chance to dress up. It was two years ago that I reached peak-crafting capacity with my Up house (check it out, if only to chuckle at my bottle-blonde hair).  We didn’t get the opportunity to dress up last year, but frankly I needed the […]

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  • Love is Love

    Pride Festival Stockholm 2015

    The horrendous act of violence committed in Orlando towards has resonated throughout the world. It seems impossible, in this day and age, so unreal in its cruelty and the sheer number of victims. The target of the killings somehow shatters our rose-tinted view of the world. We thought we were over this shit. A dark veil […]

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  • Happy Halloween!

    For Halloween I was Pippi Longstocking and Gavin was a scarecrow. (Note the framed photo in the background that belongs in a spa. I’m not into the terrible decorating of this house, but am too lazy to do something about it…) The hair was a big hit with people grabbing and commenting all night. I […]

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  • Our Oddities

    Making ferret costumes is very important buisness. Keep in mind this was around exam time hehe. We never got round to making mine which will be a dark purple. The picture with the big balloon thing (yes it’s a condom hoho) shows how well the yet unfinished outfit matched the old sofa. Bad photo but […]