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  • Wild Mushroom Pot Stickers

    wild mushroom pot stickers

    Autumn means one thing; mushroom season, and I’ve got an exciting recipe for wild mushrooms that I want to share with you! I come from a family of foragers, so it’s not unusual that I get something crazed in my eye during this time of year. Imagine plenty of walks in the woods searching manically along […]

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  • Boeuf Bourguignon

    After a full day of castle-viewing, walking around, shopping and general gallivanting we needed a hearty French dinner. What better than boeuf bourguignon? Here is a general recipe, but just follow the pictures really. Brown the cubed beef Place the beef in a bowl and fry the onion in the juices until they have browned […]

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  • Science

    How to make popcorn 1. Always wear safety gear2. Place a single popcorn kernal into hot oil3. Wait for it to pop4. Take the pot off the stove5. Fill with kernals6. Quickly put the lid on7. Place it back on the stove8. Empty contents into bowl9. Salt lightly10. Enjoy Popcorn has become my lunchtime alternative […]