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  • 5 x Yellow Blooms

     Disa vs Easter. “Eggs? Serisly. No.”  First tussilago (coltsfoot) of the year. This is a sure sign of Spring and is even reported in local news. In my family spotting the first one is a serious competition, and this year I won with these from my trip to Umeå! Easter arrangement with ranunculus ♥ on mini chair […]

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  • Stationery + Washi Tape

    Who doesn’t love washi tape? No seriously now, fess up, there is treatment available in your nearest stationery store! Ranging from delicious pastel shades to crazy neons and metallics, plain or delightfully patterned, this is Japanese stationery at its finest. The word washi originates from “wa” meaning Japanese and “shi” meaning paper. I remember first seeing […]

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  • 25.

    Admittedly this is a while back now, but in April I turned 25, a big one in my eyes. It has definitely come with a minor quarter-life crisis, but I’ve slowly been getting a grip again. I remind myself that age is just a number, people start over all the time and that grown ups […]

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  • Spring has sprung!

    I’m baack! So, I’ve had a massive break from blogging, mainly due to laziness and because I have a tendency of reading other people’s blogs and become so engrossed with all their amazing creativity that I forget to use my own blog! We’ve recently moved to a suburban area, where I have my own big […]