Spotty for Yayoi Kusama

I first discovered Yayoi Kusana way back in high school. She had an exhibit which filled Stockholm with spots, sparking a life-long interest in her unusual art. Studying psychology at the time, it felt extra poignant to see this artist using her mental health issues to create. For anyone who has not heard of her, Yayoi has a condition which leaves her seeing spots, so in her art she is able to let us into her world. This summer to autumn Yayoi Kusama is showing at Moderna Museet, and after following her art for a decade I jumped at the chance to see her exhibition in Stockholm, and you should too! My advice is to go early to avoid queuing for the more immersive pieces.

Yayoi Kusama Moderna Museet

I wore a thrifted Kusama-esque spotted silk skirt by L.K.Bennett, grey suede Vagabond oxfords, a plain t-shirt by H&M and my “F”marquee pin by ShopBGood on etsy

Yayoi Kusama Moderna MuseetYayoi Kusama Moderna MuseetYayoi Kusama Moderna Museet

Once you enter the exhibition area you know you are about to enter Kusama’s world. There is definitely excitement in the air.

Yayoi Kusama Moderna Museetyayoi.kusama-4

Miniscule paintmarks make up fascinating patterns.Yayoi Kusama Moderna MuseetYayoi Kusama Moderna MuseetYayoi Kusama Moderna Museet

One of the famous Pumpkin paintings. apparently the fascination dates back to her experience during World War Two, where her family sold, stocked and therefore ate pumpkin ad nauseum. It would have been amazing to have seen one of her giant painted pumpkin sculptures, but there was plenty of pumpkin related art to take in. Yayoi Kusama Moderna MuseetThis looks like my sock drawer.Yayoi Kusama Moderna MuseetThis was taken from the Louis Vuitton shop display after she designed a highly sought after collection of bags speckled in her signature spots. Yayoi Kusama Moderna MuseetYayoi Kusama Moderna MuseetThis handsome fella was of course there to take it all in with me. Yayoi Kusama Moderna MuseetAn orgy dress, part of her earlier political work during the free loving 60’s.Yayoi Kusama Moderna MuseetThis piece gives me such joy!Yayoi Kusama Moderna MuseetPart of the Kusama experience is entering her worlds. This was one of the interactive parts, a room full of mirrors, and her spotted cloth covered phallus symbols. Who said romance was dead? In all seriousness I read that she actually made a lot of phallic art due to her fear, not fascination with sex and the phallus.  This is a woman taking what haunts her, her hallucinations and fears and externalising them into something visually captivating, a beautiful take on mental illness if you ask me. Yayoi Kusama Moderna MuseetModerna Museet is really great at making art approachable, no matter who you are. In the middle of this room of orgy dresses and hallucinogenic painting this group of kids were sitting on the floor, asking questions and glowing with delight. Also, the girl with the polka dotted t-shirt is my spirit animal. Yayoi Kusama Moderna MuseetYayoi Kusama Moderna MuseetI literally love this photo series. If you know where you can find prints, let me know in the comments! Yayoi Kusama Moderna MuseetYayoi Kusama Moderna MuseetIf I was alive in the 60s, this is what I would wear.  Let’s not lie, I would wear a 3D spotty dress today. Yayoi Kusama Moderna MuseetYayoi Kusama Moderna MuseetYayoi Kusama Moderna Museet Yayoi Kusama Moderna MuseetYayoi Kusama Moderna MuseetYayoi Kusama Moderna MuseetYayoi Kusama Moderna MuseetYayoi Kusama Moderna MuseetI really fell for this piece, it was so calm among all the intense colours and patterns, yet still reflects Kusama’s obsessive nature.Yayoi Kusama Moderna Museetyayoi.kusama-102yayoi.kusama-104This room was amazing, the combination of water, mirrors and colour changing lamps made you feel like you were in space. Yayoi Kusama Moderna Museetyayoi.kusama-100yayoi.kusama-99yayoi.kusama-105Yayoi Kusama Moderna MuseetIf you do ONE thing when you are in Stockholm in September, make it the Kusama exhibition at Moderna Museet. Make sure you don’t miss the second part of the exhibit in the Architecture part of the museum, to the left of the entrance. Oh, and obviously…exit through the gift shop.Yayoi Kusama Pumpkin Sticker-6My inner child is OBSESSED with this huge sticker. Now where are those old sticker books?

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