Stockholm Vintage Fair 2016

Stockholm Vintagemässa 2016

I’ve written a guest post on my  Top 10 Tips for Vintage Shopping over at BestofYou, full of my best advice on things to think about and how to be a great vintage hunter. I can’t think of a better time to share my recent trip to vintage heaven, the Stockholm Vintagemässa 2016. Stockholm Vintage fair is held twice yearly and is hosted by the lovely Lucie Watson Donnert of  My World of Vintage. Individual shops showcase a bunch of amazing vintage at all kinds of price points and it’s worth the entry fee just to gawk at the well-dressed shoppers.

Braided bun vintage scalloped collar detail

I pulled out last year’s best find and put my hair up in a quick braided bun to show off this fantastic collar.

dagens outfit vintage 1920s top with highwaised mod skirt

I paired this vintage piece with a Zara button skirt and matching tights (and a messy apartment)

Skofabriken Stockholm Vintagemässa 2016Skofariken Stockholm Vintagemässa 2016

The vintage fair is held at Skofabriken which near my neighbourhood. 

Stockholm Vintagemässa 2016

As soon as you enter you are surrounded by beautiful dresses, vintage items and lots of people. It can be overwhelming, but there is an upstairs with even more rooms which is a good escape from the initial crowds. I tend to go a few rounds, first to get a brief look and nab any pieces that really stick out but generally to establish the price points of different stalls. The second round is to get a closer look at everything and perhaps try things on. I usually have the energy to do a  super quick third round to check back on items I am still unsure about.

Stockholm Vintagemässa 2016vintage shoes at stockholm vintagemäsa 20161930s 1940s light blue dress velvet bows

This 1930-40’s dress was one of my favourite pieces. I feel hard for the most gorgeous dove blue  and those silk velvet bows at the collar. This stall had the best vintage but of course that came with price tags that sting, I wish I remembered what shop it was!

Interesting midriff detail 1970s dress Stockholm Vintagemässa 2016

This midriff from Good Old Vintage caught my eye. The colour of this dress was near florescent, a true wow-piece!

Stockholm Vintagemässa 2016

Some pieces were more subtle and elegant, this emerald coloured raw-silk ’60s dress would be perfect at a wedding or cocktail party.

Stockholm Vintagemässa 2016

This dress from POP Stockholm  was too big for me. Shame, I love the scalloped detailing!

Stockholm Vintagemässa 2016

Such a dreamy colour combo

Stockholm Vintagemässa 2016

I kept returning to this fantastic lantern patterned dress but left it in the end.

Stockholm Vintagemässa 2016

This stall had some genuinely old pieces, many delicate 1920’s dresses that you have to handle gently like butterfly wings.

1940s blue silk dress ruffle detail

I had a wild fantasy of splurging on this floaty 1930’s dress but the ruffled pockets had created unfortunate tears in the thin fabric. Still, imagine swanning around in this with a cocktail!

Beaded vintage purse Stockholm Vintagemässa 2016Stockholm Vintagemässa 2016

This year a food truck was feeding the hungry masses on crepes. The queue was too long for me so I collected my findings and headed on home.

Creperie food truck at Skofabriken

I’ll share what I got soon, a two-piece 1950’s eye catcher and of course some silk!

Did you attend this year?

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  1. This looks so amazing! I love vintage clothes, and all the colourful patterns. What a great idea!
    xo April | April Everyday

    1. Thanks April! I’m like a moth to a flame when it comes to good vintage :)

  2. Whoa! This blog looks just like my old one! It’s on a totally different
    topic but it has pretty much the same page layout and design. Excellent choice of colors!

  3. bella lauren says: Reply

    I love all vintage dresses ,your collection is very unique and amazing

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