Current Faves – Time Wasters

I wanted to share some of my favourite time wasters from this past month. Me and Greg are major couch potatoes in the evenings, something which requires a good selection of series to binge on.

**EDIT** I forgot to mention my most favourite show of all times, which I just finished watching season 3 of, and I didn’t mention because it is so obvious!

Broad City

broad city ilana glazer abbi jacobsen

This show is the greatest thing to come to TV in my opinion. Abbi Jacobsen and Ilana Glazer are the greatest women on earth and made this comedy about friendship, New York and being a dope ass woman. It takes on girl-love, feminism, bodies and sexual freedom and it does it so unapologetically. We need more shows like this, depicting women not just for what they “should” be but giving insight to a more real side to our gender, in a hilarious manner of course. Shows like Girls and Broad City can get a lot of heat for being too open about for example bodily functions and sexuality, but if more shows dared to show these aspects to women, it wouldn’t be such a shocker. We’ve been seeing this side to men for years, and we need to get used to the thought that women are physical beings and not just made up of dreams.

Main take home point: It is hilarious, over the top and you need to see it NOW. #YaaaaasQueen!

You’re the Worst

you're the worst

We are both loving this show. It’s about Gretchen and Jimmy two immature, rude and non-committal people who after a one-night stand end up in a relationship. This series has just been renewed for a third seasons, no surprise really because it is hilariously mean and messy, but it still shows love in a very relatable light. The main message is no rose-tinted glasses, love is hard but worth it.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt!

unbreakable kimmy schmidt candy

I was a huge 30 Rock fan, and when this show first came out I think I was a bit hard on it, choosing to keep it for myself assuming Greg wouldn’t appreciate it. Shame on me! Only by Season 2 did I admit that this show is fantastically funny in it’s own right, and even if it is no 30 Rock it still has a lot of the same style of humor and even some similar characters. The premise is Kimmy Schmidt, kidnapped in the 8th grade and released from an underground bunker 15 years later. Dubbed a “mole woman” she leaves the spotlight to try and make it in New York as a normal woman, meeting some crazy characters on the way. My favourite thing is singing along to the intro song…. Every time.

Now, I am hardcore movie buff but lately I have fallen hard for another medium. Podcasts! Here are my current top favourite podcasts, perfect for distracting you during boring commutes. I am on Android and use Podcast Addict which works great for me.

1. The Black Tapes


Now this was the one that kicked off the obsession so it feels right to be at number one. Linnéa recommended this mocumentary that follows Alex Reagan as she explores the world of the paranormal with some input from sceptic scientist Dr. Strand. This is like a story that you follow as it unfolds and as you get further into it different parts start to connect. It technically in the horror category and while I didn’t find it scary I was a bit on edge after having listened to both seasons, so perhaps not for the overly spooked!

Available on iTunes, their website or in your choice of podcast program.

2. Alice Isn’t Dead


This is from the guys who did Welcome to Nightvale (the creepy made up local radio show.) I was a bit unsure of this because WTN can be a bit odd at times and you really have to be in the right mood for that level of random. Alice isn’t Dead is so far, incredible. It’s set in a post-apocalyptic world and just features a truck driver talking to herself during long drives while searching for her previously assumed dead wife Alice. How the set up works so well, I do not understand but I find myself hanging on to every word. I can’t wait for more episodes!

Available on iTunes, their website or in your choice of podcast program.

3. Tanis


This is by the same studio as The Black Tapes podcast, and it definitely has the same eerie mocumentary set up. Nic Silver explores the mystery surrounding Tanis, a non-definable moveable entity, affecting time, space and people throughout the ages. This was a bit tricky to get into at first, because Tanis was such an odd concept that I couldn’t get my head around. Stick with it though, because things start to connect similar to in The Black Tapes, and you end up longing for the next episode.

Once more, available on iTunes, their website or in your choice of podcast program.


I’d love to hear what shows and podcasts you are obsessing over. Leave me a tip below!

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