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sarah k benning embroidery

I am in love with the work of Sarah Benning. She is a fiber artist living in Spain, who produces bright and cheery house loop embroidery mainly featuring the humble house plants. I would happily have one of these in my bookshelf, or a few in a cluster on the wall like Sarah herself has! 
sarah benning

Normally I would look at this type of art and feel inspired. Not to buy, but to make my own. Which when you think about it is a shame to the artist behind all that hard work! Sarah has figured out a way to work with this mindset. She has starting a subscription service (3 month, 6 month and 12 month) where you can learn how she creates her designs and make them yourself! This is such a lovely way to capture Etsy’s many ‘window-shoppers’; people who want inspiration for DIYs. Who “like” items but never commit to buying. I am all for the DIY-movement, I am fairly addicted to learning different crafts and making new things. But sometimes it can feel unethical. Specifically when you are copying an artist that is making something unique and in doing so are keeping them from making a living.

With this subscription service you can contribute to the creator of something while experiencing the DIY aspect. Artists teaching their craft online can allow them to continue their job/hobby and still allow customers to feel accomplished. Also, you learn during the process so the end result will be nicer than if you winged it (like all my DIYs, ever.) Way to go Sarah!

Check out her subscription service and more of her fun designs belowsarah k benning embroidery sarah k benning embroidery sarah k benning embroidery sarah k benning embroidery

The last one is my favourite!

All photos borrowed from Sarah’s website, but you can also check out her works in progress on her instagram

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