Painting – The Wave

painting arm clenching shoulder with wave

I have finally gotten round to completing this painting after putting it aside many moons ago. I had painted part of the hair, the base for the face and the wave, but was really unhappy with the colour scheme. I had started to stray from more cool blues into purples and greens and to be honest it just didn’t look well thought out. Knowing it was going to take a while to fix I put it aside for a more motivated day, something I recommend you do to prevent rushing through works. Best to wait until you want to work on that painting again, because I think you can really tell when someone did not want to keep working on something.

Artists messy desk with wave painting

My normal working situation, the tv table rolled right up to the couch, some netflix on and a basket or container of paints to pick from.

The Wave Painting-7

Some ombre lip action

close up of painted swirly ombre blue hair

You know you want some swirly multi-tonal blue hair. I do, but also don’t because real life.

The Wave Painting-2

I re-painted the water lighting effect on her face after the first try looked more like cracks. Check out this insta for a before picture.

The Wave Painting-8

I love when you focus on one colour gradient, the palette looks so pretty. I use a porcelain tray from a dolly tea set I had when I was a kiddiewinkle growing up in China.

The Wave Painting-3

Really pleased with the final result of this painting, and hoping to make prints of this soon! I have actually been working on an etsy shop, keep your eyes peeled for more!

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