Resolution Revolution

A whole year has once again come and this year I decided to put resolutions off the menu. I committed myself to a resolution revolution. I do normally make a list – here is a flashback from 2009 which did make me to consider one exception to the no resolution rule (No more yellow eye shadow, ever. Wool shorts, maybe.) but I never take it too seriously though so skipping resolutions was not a difficult choice to make. I respect that some people enjoy the feeling to starting a fresh with a set goal, but to me resolutions are often derived from a negative place, a list of self-perceived or social-norm “flaws” made public and that need fixing. Putting aside whether these flaws require change and what we really need a change of perspective, change is not easy. We humans are creatures of comfort, and the form many resolutions take are not that maintainable in the long run. We aren’t that good at setting manageable goals.
That said, I am all for attempting to better oneself and change bad habits or start new ones. I just think these should be things we need to work for all the time, and in manageable and more forgiving ways. I have things I need to improve on, but I worked on these before 2016, and I will probably work on them in 2020 and 2046. But I will not consider myself to have failed if I do not always live by these goals. I will simply make sure to drink more water tomorrow, work a little harder on the next essay, go for that jog when the whether allows is, or finish that painting when I really am feeling like it. My resolution revolution is about maintaining a positive equilibrium in my life, and preventing a potential roller coaster ride of disappointment or self-dislike.

So, that said, my January has perhaps involved a bit more self-indulgence than most people’s! And I have been loving it. By deciding early on not to get into the pre-New Years thought pattern of EAT NOW OR NEVER I managed to have a really nice guilt-free atmosphere around Christmas. (Please note: I don’t think there should be guilt involved, as it doesn’t help us in any way but this is how society raises us to think about any kind of indulgent behaviour regarding food, and it is hard to ignore) I ate well, but I didn’t eat to the point of nausea, because I didn’t feel that clock counting down to the new eating plan/life style. I even had some kale with Christmas dinner because I felt like it, unheard of in previous years!

mexican food
Moving on… We had friends over for mexican food last night, and I take any excuse to get dolled up. Seriously, I have been told off for coming to after work drinks not in work wear. My excuse:  I wasn’t working that day..and maybe I had to wear that skirt already!


outfit beaded aztec skirt stripey top

Something I cannot abstain from is the seasonal sales. I found this beautiful embroidered aztec skirt and striped shell top in H&M, and they fit together so well it felt mean to separate them. Yes Frida, because clothes have feelings…

floral dotting tool nail art

I also made use of a nail dotting tool to make this easy, cute floral motif. You simply dot the tool around in a ring to make petals, and when it dries you can add a different colour dot in the middle.

cream cheese stuffed jalapeño peppers
Greg was responsible for the food at this glorious feast as I was working, but at work I had a snilleblixt (literal translation is genius lightning) and picked up supplies on the way home to make  these cream cheese stuffed jalapeño peppers. Best choice ever, I had some today with lunch and am still smiling from the memory. Dinner was a success and plans were made to enjoy the current snowy weather with some grown-up adult sledging fun! I’m hoping we stick to our plans, I have some childlike squeels of glee built up that need releasing.
grilled egg sandwich

Sundays are my breakfast day. I am the late sleeper in this relationship and am blessed with a man who loves to cook, but it is only fair that I help feed us once a week. This week I went for it and made grilled sandwiches. The look on Greg’s face was worth dragging myself out of bed a bit earlier to prepare these bad boys.

grilled salami egg sandwich
 Seriously, a bready masterpiece.
blended ice coffee drink
 Since working at The Tea Centre of Stockholm for over a year now, I have really stopped drinking coffee. When I started I was adamant that I would not convert fully to tea and that I needed that one cup each morning to feel like a human and not a part of the bed. A year later and I am just not enjoying coffee. I frequently leave my mugs to go cold, taking only a couple sips. Today I made good use of some cold coffee, turning it into a Starbucks worthy Blended Ice Coffee Drink ™. I added lots of milk, ice cubes, a teaspoon of cacao, a pinch of bourbon vanilla powder and a dash of maple syrup and blended it until it was smooth. This was so delicious it made me cry a little and remember that coffee can taste like heaven. I just don’t enjoy it hot, or unsweetened right now!
blended ice coffee drink
Now doesn’t this look better than a New Year’s resolution?

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