Sewing Festival Stockholm

Saturday was a busy day. We spent the whole morning tidying the apartment, fueled on a lone smoothie. All in order to have the most epic, guilt-free brunch of all time. We went to Mississippi Inn with a couple friends of ours and Greg and I shared a Brunch-for-Two, obviously adding an American pancake which literally had to be served onto a spare chair as the table was covered in other food. 

After brunch I had to rush off to Syfestivalen a sewing/knitting/crafts fair held in Älvsjö. Me and my mom wandered around like hopeless amateurs at first, faced with what seemed like a maze of yarn, quilts, embroidery skeins and so forth. Luckily a friendly alpaca drew us in to our first stall and started the endless squeezing of skein after skein of delicious non-synthetic yarn.
Alpaca is probably my favourite yarn to use, it’s soft but easy to work and gives people a reason to have local alpaca farms in a country like Sweden, which is always a good thing in my book. 

Brilliant hairdo on one of the people running a stall

Some cool embroidery techniques. I am starting to dip my toe in this type of craft, but no worries. I won’t be making any embroidered wall hangings of birds and landscapes any time soon!

This stall (by Gudrons Ullbod)was very nice. I ended up getting something here… They were spinning yarn which was very fun to see. Crazy how something so fluffy can end up so organized and neat.

Korps symässan 2015
Had to capture this lady’s awesome hat. She looks like Finn the human’s grandmother or something 😀 (Stall by Korps)

  This blanket caught my eye and we actually ended up buying some yarn from this stall, which sold really cool German self-striping sock yarn. (by Opalgarn)

All these socks are made with just one skein, that is dyed to create a pattern. I find it ridiculously cool. I got some more subtle colour-shifting yarn and a pattern for some funky socks which I have to resist starting on before I finish my current pair!

They also had quite a few sewing machines, which makes sense but wasn’t on the agenda for either of us. We are dedicated to my grandmother’s old Husqvarna, but I will admit owning one of these embroidery machines would be pretty epic. It being a sewing festival there was also a lot of fabric stalls, but nothing really caught my eye apart from these really cute jersey patterns. I was tempted to get the kitty print, but not having an overlock machine (works on stretchy materials) or a purpose, I decided to leave it.

 I want to knit a version of this kiddy cardi so bad! I love the colourful sleeves, and the wiener dog is adorable. 

Some fun gift ideas..

Like cotton candy, horribly flavoured, beautiful cotton candy (top and following pictures from the Ullcentrum stall) 

Fall is definitely here

My mom and I got stuck on this pattern for a while but she decided she had enough projects.

Really regretting not asking about this yarn, it had such a beautifully delicate ombre effect. 
(Update: I have found out this is Sky Turkos by Ullcentrum, and it is officially on it’s way to me!)

I am really into these huge knitted blankets, and finding one made in alpaca was amazing. It is soft like clouds. Unfortunately it costs many unicorn tears to make a proper blanket, and I can only imagine the piling after a few uses. So now my dream is just to go to an alpaca farm and touch these magical creatures instead.

I had been recommended to go to the Tant Kofta stall. I follow this lady on instagram (she blogs too!) and she creates some amazing sock patterns. She hand-dyes the yarn as well, so her projects are pretty unique. The apple print, and the woodland were my favourites. 

“Cold as Hell”
“You don’t know until afterwards if it was worth going out” 

This quote definitely captures our visit to this festival. As non-“fanatic” knitters we were unsure if this would be a bit too out there for us, especially as it is a bit pricey to get in. But if you are after inspiration, meeting some truly talented people and finding great quality supplies it is truly worth going. We did both get quite a bit at the festival, and I’ll show you that in my next post! 

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