Summer Sun

Florals and cotton eyelets

Finally, it has arrived. The summer sun. Along with it the pieces of this great season start falling into place.

Florals and cotton eyelets, red lips
Warm rays activating distant freckles. A lightness in my step.
Flowers stretching for life. Ice cream drops on gravel. 
Cotton or Silk today? The sticky smell of sun lotion.
Sand between toes. Dusty Plimsolls. Grass against legs. 
Is there an ant on my back?  
Nah, it was just a breeze…

Florals and cotton eyelets
Florals and cotton eyelets

Wearing my eyelet top from Zara, and minimal eye make up balanced off with a bright lip and rosy cheeks 

Florals and cotton eyelets
R.I.P. Spring

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