DIY – 3 Healthy & Refreshing Summer Treats

Banana Ice cream 

It feels like lately, our normal intake of fruit and veg is changing. We blend, chop, juice and combine things like never before. Dates are now used in raw food, avocado in chocolate mousse, and bananas in ice cream. Banana ice cream is my favourite find in healthy eating and has definitely been a staple since I stumbled across the recipe. You simply slice bananas, freeze, then blend, adding flavours like blueberries, cacao or nut butter. It’s a great way of using up old bananas (unless you have a partner who actually digs leopard bananas) and adds sweetness naturally.

Mango Frozen Yoghurt

Mango frozen yoghurt

This is my favorite new thing, so easy and so flipping good.

Mango, lime, yoghurt and blender
You will need: 
¤ Frozen Mango Pieces (Half a pack makes one portion)
¤ Lime
¤ Low-fat Yoghurt
¤ Blender

Squeezing lime into blender with mango and yoghurt
Add the mango with a cup of yoghurt (I used a bit too much above, start with a bit and add more if needed). A squeeze of lime adds some extra zing!

Blender with mango

Blending frozen yoghurt

Blend! The frozen mango will be enough to create an ice cream texture so you won’t require an ice cream machine.  

Frozen Mango Yoghurt
As you can see above it is solid, but I did use a bit too much yoghurt, but it simply means it will melt quicker.
Scoop up in a bowl and add some lime zest if desired, worth it just for the gorgeous colours alone! 

Close up of eating ice cream

Frozen Orange Slices

 A colleague of mine tipped me off on frozen grapes. When I first heard it I assumed they would just turn solid and would break my teeth. I decided to trust him and am pleased I did. Frozen grapes are like tiny popcicles of fruit, healthy, refreshing and really delicious. Just pop some grapes in the freezer and enjoy. 

Close up of Frozen Orange
Seeing as I was already freezing bananas, grapes and buying frozen mango and berries I thought I’d give an orange a try! It worked so well I have been telling all my friends to try this. I like oranges but always find the juice gets everywhere.  This is a great way to enjoy an orange in a less messy way. They freeze similar to grapes, like a refreshing popcicle. I tend to just nibble at a slice and let it thaw in my mouth, so one orange lasts much longer. Just make sure to leave the slices separated, otherwise they tend to freeze into one solid cluster. 

Frozen Orange Slices
Pineapple on cute pineapple tray
Just had to add this in because my local shop has been doing pineapple halves for affordable prices lately, and I am getting a bit obsessed. I am tempted to freeze some pieces next time I pick one up. 
Let me know if you have any tips for more healthy summer treats, or new fruity snack!

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