Blue is the Warmest Colour

Some blue things I found around my room. 
Blue silk scarf, peter pan collar shirt dress
 Thrifted hand-dyed silk scarf, was going to use this for some DIY, but ended up wearing it and now I’m sort of hooked. Wearing American Vintage shirt dress, courtesy of Panda. 
fridanoodle tea pot,  peter pan collar shirt dress
My new tea set, second hand of course and provider of much comfort during this rainy May. This was a crucial purchase this year as I started working for The Tea Centre of Stockholm. It’s such a fun place to work, I am learning so much and developing my taste buds. I’m currently obsessed with drinking Green Cream (creamy and delicious) and Grön Söderblandning (green tea version of classic Söderblandning, fruity and refreshing), when I’m not drinking Japanese teas that is! I’ll show you some of those another time though.  
Frida Jonsson painting nude witch lightning
A painting I did last year and a fancy paper bow I found in a charity bargain bin. I really liked the background I created in this painting and am only now realising that it shares a lot of similarities to the silk scarf I just showed… 
fridanoodle peter pan collar shirt dress ostrich feather
Of course I have an ostrich feather or two laying around. 
rifle paper passport notebook, blue, ostritch feather
I finally got this cute notebook set that I blogged about here when I spotted it in a local book store near work. 
fridanoodle tea cup ears peter pan collar shirt dress
Drinking tea until it comes out my ears, and loving it. Also, my new favourite selfie.  
fridanoodle bow peter pan collar shirt dress
Generally attempting to dress up a bit more, life is too short to wear boring clothes..or something along those inspiring lines. You could also like save lives or make chairs, if you prefer. 
fridanoodle writing in rifle paper notebook with ostritch quill
 Love. This. Notebook. So it will definitely never be used ever. I hope to use it for notes and sketches from trips, seeing as it is a passport! 

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