Hand Lotion…& Other Stories

Denim Dress: Altered second hand, Leather belt; vintage, Sunlight; about god damn time
Sorry for the mini pause; I have been a busy busy bee this spring, but not too worry. This blogger is back in (unpaid-)business with big plans, all to be revealed in due time! We all need some intrigue in life, right? Mentioning plans might even get me closer to actualising them sooner..if the internet banned cute animal gifs for a while. Moving on, I thought I would share some items from a impromptu stroll around in the sun after work last month.
I stopped by my favorite store at the moment & Other Stories. That shop is just so lovely, you want to poke and prod everything, and you desperately want to fight that hoarding instinct to achieve that scandi-minimalism interior they got going. Not all swedes were born with that gene I’m afraid :(

& Other Stories Lotions and Nail Polish
The nail polish really stuck out to me, it’s an interesting pale orangey yellow shade they call Nep Tangerine and applies really well, opaque in two coats. (Just to point out I am wearing IsaDora polish in the photos) I also got two hand lotions that I have been sniffing whenever in the store. Unfortunately neither comes as body mist or eau de toilettes. I would love to spray Tangier Tales all over everything, it has that perfect sweet musk that is hard to find. Or as they put it “a veil of dark amber lingers over sultry pear”. What can I say, my hands must smell very sensual indeed! 

Belleville Bakery Hand Lotion Applied
Belleville Bakery is described as “tangy lemon juice melting into creamy vanilla”, this is one delicious treat! The lotions themselves are creamy and easy to work into the skin, but aren’t as moisturising as say Neutrogena’s classic concentrated hand lotion. But they definitely get the job done, and make me sniff my hands on the subway like a weirdo. Nom nom nom. 

Faber-Castell Brush Pens colour matching bows
I’ve been testing out different brush pens lately, trying to practise some modern calligraphy and general hand writing. I really like these pens by Faber-Castell (from PenStore), however they are a bit on the large side for writing proper calligraphy. Only a novice blames their tools right! Still I got four pens in unusual tones and have been getting a bit looser with doodles and handwriting. I found these buttery soft leather hair bows for some change at a charity shop later on, what a colour match!
Photo of haul at Afro Art, & Other Stories and PenStore
This purse was from Afro Art, near my work. I popped to look at their fabric selection, and fell for the cute hand stitched design. I use it for my passport, mini sketch book, and to keep track of keys and bits and bobs in my bag. 
H&M magazine spread with Chloé lace dress
I picked up the Spring H&M magazine as well. I like when stores put effort into their company magazines and don’t feel like a huge promotional ad. H&M have always been very good at this, as has Asos (their digital magazine is available here) Obviously this issue was filled with 70s vibes. I feel for the summery denim of course.
H&M magazine spread with Chloé lace dress

This dress by Chloe is incredible, and has prompted a wild hunt for interesting lacey embroidered cotton dresses. There is one out there waiting for me, I can feel it..

Denim ripped jeans with denim fabric
I even got some work done on the dress I had in the photos, while admiring some distressed denim jeans. A post showing show the process of alteration of a dress model from tulip to full skirted is coming this week, so keep your eyes peeled if you want some more sewing tips!
I’ll be back soon with an update from my Easter trip to Northern Sweden in Umeå, so until then have a lovely weekend! 

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