DIY – Chop Chop, Hop to It


I got this Asos dress last summer at a car boot last summer after falling hard for the monochrome print. When I got home to try it something about the model didn’t feel right. I put it on my DIY pile and, as with most things that end up on that pile, forgot all about it. Until now!

DIY – Dress to a Top

A loose-fitting dress
(Contrasting cotton band)
Sewing machine
  • Pop on your dress and fold the hem up to where you would like your top to end, adding 2 centimeters of seam allowance, and pin in place.  Keep in mind that many fabrics will need a zig-zag stitch to avoid fraying. This means that you may need to add an extra centimeter to your seam allowance. 
  • Remove top. If you pin in the opposite direction to the way you take your dress off, you are less likely to prick yourself on a needle. This dress went over my head (bottom to top) so I pinned with the sharp points facing downwards.
  • Place dress on flat surface and try and get as straight a line as possible, and pin near the new hem.
  • Cut the new hem (my hem was a bit crooked but I adjusted that before finally sewing the top together.)
  • Turn top inside out.
  • If you have fraying fabric zig-zag around the hem before rolling hem 1 cm in, then folding it over 1 cm more and pinning in place. Tip! Pin vertically and you can sew over them with your machine. 
  • Using your sewing machine sew the new hem in place, attempting to get as straight a line as possible. Make sure that you have a matching coloured thread, unless you are adding a band later. Sew the top inside out to easily spot and adjust fabric slipping out of place.
  • If desired add a cotton band around the hem, folding it over the hem and pinning in place. Sew this in place as above, matching the threads to the colour of your band or top.
I am really into citrus colours right now so when I searching for a band to hem my top with I decided against black in favour of bright yellow. It adds a nice unexpected pop of colour and means the top works even for spring. I even ended up making a matching necklace that you may have spotted on my instagram. Keep an eye out for a post on that soon!

from my instagram @fridanoodle

Let me know what you’ve been DIY-ing in the comments below, and if you have any questions about this project!

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