Wintery Mints

kungsholmen trees and sky
Saturday morning was started off at a gym class with my overly perky mother. I have no clue how me and my brother came to be born to such morning people. After showers we headed out to get one of my christmas gifts. Yarn! I know, I know, there has been a lot of knitting on the blog. Don’t worry, I do still paint and draw. But having never been taught how to knit properly I am finding it really rewarding to learn this new craft. It’s relaxing and can be a helpful come down after a busy day at work or with school. 
mint snood and brown jacket
Kungsholmen buildings
It was a pretty warm day, so I traded my winter parka for an alpaca wool jacket handed down from my mother, a handmade bee pin and my favorite minty snood from the H&M kids department. Judge away, you can make great finds in kids sections and accessories are normally cheaper than adults. When I was posing for this a sweet old man came by and said he hoped it turned out well. Turns out he lived in the house and I was in the way, thus the embarassed glee at being caught!

Brown and minty green outfit
jose gonzalez vestiges and claws poster
I have not heard from José Gonzáles since “Heartbeats”, but my eye was drawn to this poster illustration so I may have to check him out again.

Wool haul! Both me and my mom struggled to make up our minds. There was so much amazing yarn at Garnverket. I should have taken photos, but there was a knitting group there and it felt wrong. They had lots by Rowan, a premium and ethically concious yorkshire brand. They have a really interesting choice of colours and textures, but the pricetag was a bit steep. I did spend a lot of time petting the mohair yarns, but frankly I am not ready to ruin such pricey and fluffy yarn. In the end I got some  yarn that closely matched some alpaca that I had (closest to the camera). I want to fix this wristwarmer project that I have had issues with. The first attempt was too tight, and the second one was too wide. Someone suggested I turn it into a sock instead, so that is the new plan. It is a super cute patten, so I think it will turn out great! 
Sisu & Rimu Yarn
My gift was the tools I needed for a project. I decided I wanted to make a decent pair of socks in soft colours. After changing my mind for the 12th time I finally picked up a delicately pale green shade that I had spied when I first entered the shop. It contains merino and brushtail possum, so that’s literally the best thing. I have to finish them, just to be able to say I have possom socks. 

My Sock “Ingredients”

  • Light grey baby alpaca Cusco by German Lamana
  • Marled grey Sisu wool with nylon by Norweigan Sandnes Garn
  • Minty pale green merino and brushtail possum Rimu by New Zealand Zealana

Hopefully this mix of creatures and countries get along with this Swedish knitter!
holding disa the cat
Holding Disa the Cat
We returned home to let out Disa and drink some much needed coffee. I love this reluctant kitty so much, and after a few weeks apartment sitting she has been a bit more tolerant with my faffing with her. That said she still shot of like a bullet when she finally wriggled enough for me to put her down.
vintage green rhinestone brooch
A vintage pin that I found on a horrendous brown poly dress. Luckily I was able to buy it separate.

Autumnal greens with brown suede
What I was wearing under my jacket: Green wooly Topshop tights, vintage brown suede boots and skirt, vintage H&M x Marni merino ruffle zipper top, and my beloved grey cashmere cardigan from H&M

Hope you had a lovely weekend too!

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