Friday in Photos

mulberry bag and yarn
The morning started with me packing my bag for work. I’ve started another knitting project, I find it’s perfect for keeping my hands busy on the commute. I really wanted pair of wrist warmers to go over my leather gloves, and I have already made four attempts. Finally I feel I have got a good thing going. This yarn is from a second hand shop, it contains mohair and super soft.
Mulberry bag

My bag is vintage Mulberry, a top find from my favorite little secondhand shop. 
Green and black polo neck
I wore a green and black polo neck jumper from Next that my mom shrunk in the wash. Sometimes being the shortest member of the family comes in handy! Up until a few months ago I would feel nauseous by wearing polos, unsure what changed but I’m enjoying adding this classic style to my wardrobe. I paired it with black high waisted jeans, and later swapped it for my work shirt. I started a new job at a tea shop last month, I’ll probably write a post about this at some point as it’s just been such a fantastic experience so far!  
söderblandning tea

After work and studies I relaxed with a cup of Söderblandning, the first tea I bought from work. I pack kilos of this every day but still haven’t tired of the scent! Payday is coming up next week and I feel like the list of teas I want is endless..

swedish mudcake
My parents had invited some friends over for dinner on Saturday so my mother wanted some company while she made dessert. While she made lemon mudcake I whipped up some Swedish brownies, the only recipe I know off by heart. I added some hazelnuts and dark chocolate this time and it turned out really delicious. I managed to get that perfect papery brownie top so I’ve been wrecking my brain trying to find out how to recreate it. 
cold water on burn
Managed to burn my wrist so got to spend some painful time under the cold tap. I remember being taught by a nurse at my old job it is important to continue cooling if you can still feel heat at the burn site. This is because the oils in your skin are still burning! Not a pleasant thought..
swedish mudcake
So worth the burn.
cat on lap
After scoffing down some cake, I knitted with Disa passed out on my lap and Netflix on autoplay

 Sleeping Positions of Disa

disa cat sleeping
1. Cuddle
disa sleeping
2. Croissant
long cat
3.  Fat Snake with Ears
cat kangaroo
4. Kangaroo Recieving Belly Rub
knitting mohair on magic loop Progress on wrist warmer number one
fluffy paw on yarn
 After a long day for woman and fluffball, we took to bed. 

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