In Other News, Sloths

Male twin sloths Hadar and Hildur were born at Skansen Zoo last month. As there are only eight of this species in Europe, and very few males, this was a big deal! I oooed and ahhed over the news article that came out about the teensy sloth babies. They are basically my spirit animal, at least at night time! You better believe I flipped out when they had the twins on the morning news this week. Best start to the day ever! 

Baby sloth

My favorite part was hearing that when they are born the simply “fall out” as the mother is probably asleep, and then they hang there by the umbilical cord until their mother eventually realises that she has had a baby and lifts it to cling to her back. How bad ass a birth is that! (Also very negligent parenting) Also as they spend most of their life upside down they have their organs are organised reversely from ours.

Sleeping baby sloth on TV News
Seriously, he looks like a tiny sleepy bear  ♥  ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ -zzz
Watch the news feature in Swedish here about the twins and issue of exotic pets. It features Hader and Hildur slothing around so is watchable even if you don’t get the language!

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