Queen Burger.

Queen Burger burger joint Warsaw
 I had to dedicate an entire post to this glorious tiny little burger joint in Warsaw. Queen Burger was a place near our hotel that we had passed and made a mental note of on New Year’s Eve. We ended up eating there the following day after our long park walk and this charming little restuarant served up one of the best burgers I have had in my life. I did have caramalised onion running down my hands and mayo on my nose at one point, but it tasted too good to care!
The Queen Burger
fridanoodle and burger
In burger Heaven, literally look like I might cry after my first bite..

I got the Queen Burger,
with caramalised onion compote, aged goat cheese (although I changed to chedder), arugula, ketchup and homemade mayonnaise while the mister tried the Beetroot Burger with, you
guessed it, a beetroot patty (plus same salad and sauces). We also got some chunky chips and a spicy bean salad. After devouring our burgers and sides, as well as downing a cold Tyskie beer each we headed home for some R&D (rest and digest). Cue unbuttoned top-buttons and dozing off on top of the covers for a good hour. A perfect way end the first day of 2015!
the queen burger caramalised onions cheese
 Look at the glory of this burger! 
fridanoodle eating burger
fridanoodle defeated by burger
 Overcome by the size of my burger. 
Queen Burger Logo and Font Warsaw

Queen Burger is located on ul. Hoża 1A, Warszawa and their facebook page shows their opening hours. Happy Eating!

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