Portrait of a Cat – A Process

Yesterday I had the pleasure of hanging out with Disa, the family cat, for an entire evening. I decided to use this rare opportunity to honour one of my most regular new year’s resolutions; to draw more. I rarely sketch from real life but figured it’s good practise. The drawing didn’t turn out too accurate, the little fur ball changed positions right before the first photo, showing off her gracefully large ears at max height… None the less I present to you, the process of drawing a portrait of a cat:

Draw me like one of your french cats

 1. Cat model changes initial position, appears generally sleepy and unimpressed with being portrayed by a human. “You’ll do I guess”

2. Curiosity killed the cat they say. In this case curiosity causes intense sniffing of mechanical pencil while human stresses over poking an eye out. 
3. Cat model realises mechanical pencil is excellent head scratcher. Once again human worries over sharpness of pencil.
4. Cat model attacks mechanical pencil, in an attempt to show human how to do drawing. 
5. Cat model remembers lack of opposable thumbs and allows human to continue capturing cat’s beauty. “Don’t make my ears too big.. ok?”
6. “Are you done yet?”

 7. Cat model rests from all her hard work. 

8. Cat model is happy with final result, and thanks human for making ears such a flattering size. 

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