Je suis Charlie

Today has obviously been a very horrible day following the shootings in Paris at the satire magazine Charlie Hedbo. My heart goes out to those who were killed and those close to them. It feels more important than ever to keep using my pen to create. I may not make political work, work that means anything particular or is particularly provocative, but when people are being murdered for producing satirical comics, all our work matters. We have to keep creating, keep expressing ourselves and our opinions, no matter how scary it is. Because it is through our fear that these extremists succeed. They want us to be scared, to put down our pens, log off our accounts and do as we’re told. We cannot let them bully us into submission, and we must keep creating, researching, writing, commenting, sharing discussing, reading, watching, listening, analysing and criticizing. If we let them take away our voices, words and images we will lose our freedom.
Je Suis Charlie

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