The White Pepper

I have been drawn towards The White Pepper‘s floral pink print for a long time and was a bit worried when I say them at half off in their sale. Saving money is always tricky during sale season. Luckily they don’t have my sizes, so the dream will live on. This print perfectly suits gorgeous pink haired LazyKat who owns the dress version (see her post where the photo is from here).
The White Pepper Pink floral print set
Dress and Skirt available in limited sizes & Crop topLazykat in pink floral dress
They also have these adorable leggings, but they are too pricey and not in the sale. They are adorable though, and seeing as I have a new found love for knitting, it would be fun to pair them with some home-made socks. 
The white pepper grey bear leggings
Their major tumblr hit, the unicorn clutch, is also available for sale both on The White Pepper in silver hologram, and on Asos in pink metallic, so if you’ve been eyeing it now is the time to hit “Add to Basket” before it’s too late! I like the lilac one which unfortunately isn’t available. I’ll just see it as another win for my bank account though. 
So far I have avoided the sales, apart from getting a winter jacket in the sales. Well, actually I ended up unintentionally getting two after it turned out there was a 2 for 1 deal on, on top of the heavily reduced prices. I was buying two to decided between at home and got very confused when I was only charged for one. A very happy surprise! One is thinner and better for autumn and milder winter weather, and one is warmer but off-white so less practical for slushy snow weather. All in all, a very good deal! 
Have you found anything good in the sales or are you on a spending hiatus after Christmas?

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