Beard Baubles

Move over Floral beards, for ’tis the season for Beard Baubles! My friend Sarah (the lovely lady who paid me a visit last spring) sent me this and I had to share it. I love it, who knew beards were so versatile? I want in on this trend and propose New Years Eve beards, using sparkly earrings and rhinestone brooches! 
man with beard baublesman with beard baublesman with beard baubles
I received a pair of earring’s with these teensy baubles a couple years ago and wear them with pride every year. It’s a shame these beard bedazzelers are all sold out, it would be hilarious to test out on all of my bearded acquaintances. But there is always next year…

The best thing is they are easy to make yourself and Beard Baubles even offer a tutorial, however they do ask that you donate money to Melanoma UK as that is where all the proceeds from the sales go. If you have no ability in the craft department what so ever, they have a limited number of packs being auctioned off on their eBay, so you’re giving money to a good cause and get your mitts on some sweet beard bling fitting for Santa himself.

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