Hair Update – Before and After

I dyed my hair blonde for the first time ever nearly a year ago and have really enjoyed the freedom of having a completely different look. I dyed my hair in different colours, was able to style it differently, and wear completely different colours than I normally would. I did however know that blonde was never going to be a permanent choice for me. Not really due to cost, as I always dyed it myself. It was mainly because I never suited it as well as my natural colour and always felt washed out. I don’t regret having done it though, 2014 was a big year of change for me and what better time to try something radical. But 2015 coming up, and my life starting to feel settled once more it was time to return to my roots. Literally..
Those of you who follow me on my instagram @fridanoodle may have already seen my new and improved hair.
before long bleached blonde hair
So a few weeks ago I finally walked into a salon and asked them to cut off as much as they felt was needed, and to try and dye it as close to my natural colour as possible. Unfortunately dying bleached hair brunette is a drawn out process, and they couldn’t go as light as I wanted as my roots are naturally a lot darker than the rest of my hair. So I ended up slightly shocked when I saw the final result start to appear in the mirror. It was a dark brown with red and purple tones. Being a typical wimp at the hairdressers I politely said it looked lovely, remarking quietly that it was “a bit darker than I imagined”. They reassured me that this would wash out soon to something closer to my lighter shade and proceeded to charge me a stinging amount for the 3 hours or so I spent having an existential crisis while staring at my own reflection. Did I mention I don’t go to the salon very often..? 
I proceeded to go home, have a glass of red with dinner, which I realised was the exact colour of my new hair. A few internal freak outs and cups of tea later I felt better. I am still quite dark following a few washes, but it isn’t as unnatural as the flashes of red and purple are dulling down. 

after hair cut dyed brunette
I was so focused on how much darker my hair was that it is only now that I am starting to appreciate that my hair is also a lot shorter and as a result more manageable! I can wear my hair down again and brushing it is much easier.
I avoid cutting my hair at salons as it’s so pricey and frankly I don’t feel the need to because I like having stupidly long hair. But looking at the before picture I am horrified to see how worn out it actually looked. I had bleached the tips in the summer to be able to dye them, and I knew they were worn and needed to be cut off. I didn’t wear my hair down enough to realise just how bad it really looked. I think I may actually have to start going to the hairdressers a few times a year, not just once or twice…

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