Long Hair Tip – Braided Bun

blonde braided bun 
I made this braided bun a while back, not expecting much. To my surprise it looked very sophisticated and put together despite being a quick and easy fix. I had worn braids that day and wasn’t up for wearing my hair down in an elvish frizz (long hair + braided waves = Lord of the Rings costume hair). I decided to try creating a bun, as buns solve all problems (put that on my gravestone). The result is what you see in the photos!
fridanoodle with braided bun

To create the braided bun I simply wrapped the two braids into a bun, careful not to twist them too much to avoid flyaways and pinned them rather loosely with the most magical hair solution I have come across; spin pins. And voila, it was complete! If you can make two braids that are about shoulder length you can probably make this hairdo. 

blonde braided bun
blonde braided bun

I first spotted spin pins in Boots many moons ago and imagined they created a tangled, damaged mess. Ever the curious shopper and keen Boots points collector I gave them a shot anyway. My first impression couldn’t be further from the truth! A spin pin is a large, and sturdy, twisted bobby pin that you literally spin into you hair. You make a bun and spin the pin in, which means that on each spin you pick up hair from your scalp, and hair from the bun. It fool-proofs the bun from slipping out. They will sit all day, and even survive running on a treadmill, but I would recommend using two for ultimate hold. 
To remove them you just spin them back out, obviously performing your standard shampoo commercial hair flipping move as you shake the bun out into glorious waves. On a separate note, watch this shampoo commercial that plays on the silly gender stereotyping in hair commercials. 
Also I am not sponsored by Goody or Boots, I just bloody love a good hair solution! 

fridanoodle purple top black jeans

I wore this to a girl’s night in with a couple friends. I love the abstract pattern on this top. It reminds me of paint on wet paper, and feels just dressy enough for  both day and evening use. I kept my make up quite simple, just a cat eye and pink lilac toned lipstick. Ever the colour coordinator I paired the top with a purple Amethyst nugget necklace. 

purple flowy topfridanoodle blonde cat eye
amythyst nugget necklace

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