Yarn, Knitting and Cats

balls of yarn
The other week my good friend Linnéa invited me over for lunch and a knitting session. I recently started learning how to knit socks, difficult for someone as yarn-challenged as me. Linnéa is a master of the art of yarn (check out her blog)  plus is studying to be a teacher, so who better suited for a seemingly hopeless case?
what i wore

Wearing second hand H&M jacket, Vintage leather boots, H&M striped tights and home made scarf, Dark roots my own (Hair update coming soon)
striped tights leather boots
knitting pink yarn
I wore my previous winter knitting project, my overly long scarf, as a cry of rebellion towards this craft. Knitting has never been my forte but I managed to make a scarf and a snood last year, so I was ready to take on socks.  My mom got my this fun pink/purple yarn and Linnéa provided a basic pattern for “raggsockor”, wool socks necessary for the Scandinavian climate. Find the pattern free here! We ended up changing some bits of the pattern, some pre-planned, some correctional after a few mishaps! The major change was that I wanted the sock to be ribbed all the way to the toe cap. 

ragdoll cat by basket of yarn
grey cat and ragdoll
Linnéa lives with a housemate and this person’s two cats. Now while she isn’t a huge fan of cats, I was of course highly distracted by Smulan, the ragdoll, and Conny. Crazy cat-lady to the bone!
colourful yarnLinnéas stickor with basket of yarn
Crazy yarn-lady in action, going through her basket of treasure. She’s got quite the collection, and I have to admit to buying more than a few balls of yarn from my local thrift shop as a result of our knitting sessions. 
grey cathand dyed moss green yarn

One of her many projects is a triangle scarf with this hand dyed wool in this magical forest green shade. It looks like she is knitting soft moss, really dreamy for anyone that has grown up near woodlands.
cat watching knitting
grey cat playing with yarnragdoll cat playing with yarn

ragdoll and ball of yarn
These two were for the most part very well behaved, but everyone knows a ball of yarn is just irresistible to the inner kitten!
linnéas stickor knitting black red mittenlinnéas stickor knitting black red mitten
Working on a pair of intricate mittens with Thestrals on them (HP fan above). I love modern takes on traditional handiwork! 
knitting manicure pink yarn
knitting pink sock cat linneas stickor
Helping me with one of my many newbie mistakes. Even Conny is like “really new-hooman…still dropping stitches?”
yellow grey yarn harry potter
cat blue eyes
pile of yarn
striped tights knitting pink socks

 We literally knitted until the sun went down and the cats got bored. Note the scary Dr. Who poster below..

fridanoodle knitting

cat silhouettebored cats, ragdoll in paper bag
fridanoodle knitting
Linnéa was working on a project slightly more complicated than my own…She also has created this mind boggling snood/scarf thing which is reversible. She knitted both sides at once…BURN THE WITCH!
Dr. Who knitting patternLinneas stickor with knitted octopus snood
dr who dalek mitten knitting project
reversible knitted octopus snoodcats looking up ragdoll
We decided that we should make this a regular happening, so expect more knitting projects in the future. Just don’t get your hopes up for anything too elaborate, I’m still learning! The best part of starting a stich’n’bitch is having and excuse to hang out with fluffy friends..
striped cat stripey tights
ragdoll cat
linneas stickor hugging octopus project
 ..and not so fluffy friends too ❤
Visit Linnéa’s blog and for updates on projects follow her instagram @linneas_stickor because she is awesome :)

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