3 Cures for the Mondays

Images by Holly Lindern &  Adam Simpson 
Once more another wonderful weekend is over, which leaves most of us feeling a bit down. But before you turn to happy pills to get you through the week, try my three cures for the mondays.  Apply these medicines directly to your brain via your eyes and ears, and before you know it, it’ll almost be the weekend again! 

 Floral Beards

floral beards collage
This has to be one of the best and dreamiest photo trends to hit the web for a long time. I could look at men with flowers in the beards for days. Don’t ask me why because I cannot explain it. All I know is it just brings me great joy. Of course there is a dedicated Tumblr. Follow FUCKYEAHFLOWERBEARDS! for more.   

Guys with Fancy Lady Hair

Fancy Lady Hair Men
 Why should women be the only ones to have the fun of cool up-dos, hair accessories and styles? Thanks to the geniuses at The Bold Italic eight long-haired men got gorgeous make overs. My one criticism is that there were no how-to for the hair styles. My older brother rocks a shoulder length pony tail and I would love to try a few of these on him. In fact he had a very cool wrapped ponytail for his wedding. Long haired men are commonplace in Scandinavia, so this needs to happen, like now. Monday morning at the office would be so much better if your colleague had a chic chignon to go with his business attire.

 Broad City

If you are thinking to yourself: “what’s Broad City?” I need you to go and watch it right now and come back when you done. I’m not joking, do it now. When you’re done you will have forgotten it’s Monday (and probably what your name is) but it will be worth it. It’s my favorite new TV show, it’s female dominated, ridiculously hilarious, disturbingly crude and so fast-paced you will want to watch it a few times just to fully take in all the awesomeness of these two girls and their creation. Seriously, I have the hugest crush on Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer and want to be their best friend in a different life. Season 2 is out soon, and they just released this teaser.

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