5-inist 4-ever

I just saw this 5-inist t-shirt on Sandra’s blog niotillfem and ordered it instantly.  It combines casual promotion of feminism with a simple and tasteful design. For non-swedish speaking readers five is fem (pronounced like “femme”) in swedish. I went for a size up as it seems quite small, (the model is in an S) but I’m collecting it from T-shirt Bar so can probably exchange it quite easily it that isn’t the case. So excited to wear this with pride! 

Model in 5-inist feminist t-shirt
The design is by Kristina Zetterlund and the t-shirt can be bought here in various guises. They have other designs too, for instance the popular “Putin you can’t sit with us” which is an instagram classic. They also offer world wide shipping, so there is really no excuse right? 

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