Baroque your Socks off

My sincerest apologies for the dad joke post title, but it had to be done. Or not. Either way it’s too late now, so let’s move on! Autumn has reached Sweden and I have been embracing the season with long sleeves, warm socks, as well as one too many cups of peppermint tea. I made a few lucky trips to the charity shop lately, one of which scored me these baroque printed trousers. They’re super comfy, more fun than boring old jeans, and work well for dancing around in your room to Chvrches. Did I say dancing around on your own? I definitely meant that they are good for regular, normal day-time activities. Like walking. In public. Like a regular ol’ human.
Outfit showing silver baroque print trousers, black top and socksOutfit showing silver baroque print trousers, black top and socks
Outfit showing silver baroque print trousers, black top and socksOutfit showing silver baroque print trousers, black top and socks
I was wearing these while lounging around at home painting. I have been documenting the process and hope to finish one within a few days so I can share my process! My room is permanently the coldest ever, thus the “raggsockor” (Swedish knitted socks) and shrug (which managed to outlive a messy Reading festival and despite costing £1. I call it my “slouch” and save it for cosy times only) I’m also wearing a heat-tech top from Uniqlo to keep extra warm. 
Artist Frida Jonsson mimicking her sketch of Cara Delevingne
One of the paintings I’m working on is from a sketch I made of Cara Delevingne when I was still in England, but which I got stuck on. I’m pleased I pulled it out again as I quickly  began to envision how to complete the concept. I am still undecided on a few details having churned out many womanhours of applying paint to paper. I am still excited to see how it turns out though! Disa has been particularly helpful at keeping me company, especially with walking with dirty wet paws on drying paint. A lot of deep breathing was required to heal our relationship after that particular mishap… The picture below shows how this stubborn cat insists on reaching certain heights. Cat logic: The more unreachable from hoomans the better the nap time. If I get back problems I will demand compensation..

cat on my back

woman in silver trousers holding her cat

Woman from behind tying up her long blond hair with pastel tips Woman laughing
In hair-related news, I made the decision to once again cut bangs. Cutting bangs is a bit like being with someone we can’t quit. For all the bad things bangs do to us, we still love them enough to pull out those kitchen scissors at 11:37 PM. And yes, we may feel regret after spending hours snipping and shaping those darned hairs (which finally started to resemble that cute 60s thing we were going for) when it all inevitably transforms into some new form of mullet when we wake up the next day. But with a bit of TLC and some heat-styling we have our beautiful baby back. It is a good move though as bangs frame the face, something which can help prevent going all moon-faced during hat season. Please enjoy how weirdly coloured my tips look in this photo, I swear it wasn’t even pink then, the camera must have caught something I can’t see. I am pretty much just plain old blond by now, but either way I’m planning to get it cut and layered soon to freshen it up. Watch this space! But not too closely, I’m not exactly known for staying that up to date with the recommended every 6 week hair cuts…I won’t tell if you don’t!

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