Sugarcoat it

emily blincoe photo of green candy
emily blincoe photo of purple candy
emily blincoe photo of black candy
Photos by very talented photographer Emily Blincoe. See her website here and follow her on instagram @thuglifeforevs
I’ve been sick and stuck at home for too many days so this is my life at the moment; various sugarcoated and colorful substances. Sugar cures all evils, there is evidence for that in that science that one person did that one time. At least I have been getting lots of painting done, I am currently working on two projects at once, so I have nothing to great show for it yet, apart from these instagram sneak previews. I can share that the Cara one (bottom right) has been busting my butt (partially the detail involved and partially due to several misfortunate starting attemtps) yet it is starting to come out really well, I ever so humbly tell myself. 
painting in progress
stink bug sketch
black and white selfie
cara delevingne sketch
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I have been sleeping on piles of pillows to prevent myself from waking up coughing half a lung up in the middle of the night. The shirt I am wearing (while pondering important questions in life) is a second hand men’s department score. When I got it I overheard the sales assistant asking another SA if it wasn’t the shirt that one of their colleagues had planned on getting for himself. Well, too bad sucker! It’s mine now! No, I do genuinely feel awful when that happens, but to soothe my useless anxiety prone brain I have to remember – if they really wanted it they would have bought it to begin with right? And that, kids, is why you always buy everthing you like straight away before someone else gets a chance* On a more serious note I am happily looking forward to using this shirt to spice up my collared-shirt-&-jumper staple look during the colder months. Perhaps the tropical leaf silhouettes will provide some mind-generated warmth. *don’t do that, you will have no money and own too many things like me. Oooo..things!

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