Film club – 2


I literally just finished watching this film and had to share it (..via a scheduled post in case I get a case of the lazies) The story surrounds a substitute teacher, Henry Barthe, who works at a very troubled school. His grandfather is dying and throughout the film we see flashbacks to his early childhood. Henry encounters three women; a teacher, a student and a young prostitute who each have a different impact on his life. The film is dark but has many tender moments, and it definitely packs a punch in the feels department. Adrien Brody is brilliantly cast as this emotionally detached yet mindful sub, as is the young restless prostitute Erica; played by Sami Gayle.

The two films I spoke about in the first official film club were linked together by the actress Zoe Kazan. Being constantly on the look out for new films means I can get sucked into the vast portal that is IMDB and click my way through a web of actors/esses, directors, and films to find new exciting things to watch. For this next film the link is Christina Hendricks, known to most as the sensual ball-breaker Joan in Mad Men, but who also starred in of one of my favorite films of 2011, Drive. If you haven’t seen it, and don’t have an eversion to gore, good tunes and a bit of Gosling, get thee to Netflix asap! 3 years later and no longer the owner of a car I still long for driving gloves because of that film….but I digress!

Ginger and Rosa

Ginger and Rosa stars two very current young actresses, Elle Fanning and new comer Alice Englert, however I had completely missed it as it came out in 2012! The film is set in the England during the 1960s, and centres around best friends Ginger (Fanning) and Rosa (Englert) and how they cope with the increasing threat of the Cuban Missile Crisis, and also its affect on their friendship. Hendricks stars as Ginger’s mother Nathalie.

This looks to be a beautifully shot film about friends growing up and drifting apart as they try and make some sense in a increasingly confusing and threatening world. I particularly look forward to seeing Elle in this it has been really interesting to follow her development as an actress.

Read the first film club post here and comment with any recommendations or thoughts you’d like to share.

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